Trustable product containing the best mixture of fresh immune cells with highly activated NK and NKT cells, recognized by Japan FDA, using patented technology from Korea.

NK and NKT Cell
Enriched Product


Recognised by
Japan FDA

Patented technology
certified by Korea

The Power of MYJ1633 Cultivation Method

High cell number with short cultivation time (10-14 days)

Before cultivation

Number of immune cells
before culture
5.68 x  10

4 days later

7 days later

14 days later

Number of immune cells
after culture
2.88 x 10

Main Benefits

The Uniqueness of MYJ1633

Best Mixture of NK and NKT

MYJ1633 contains 50 – 90% of NK and NKT cells.

High Number of NK and NKT

Number of NK and NKT cells increased by more than 500-2000 fold.

High Cytotoxicity

MYJ1633 has optimum cytotoxicity for killing up to 90% of abnormal cells.

High Expression of Activating Receptors

Highly activated NK cells secrete functional molecules to prevent infectious diseases and cancers.

Ex vivo activated NK and NKT cells (MYJ1633) express high number of activating receptors (NKG2D and DNAM).

Reference: Choi, J.W. et al. (2019) BMC Cancer. 19:817.