What is NK Cell?

A Powerful Natural Defense

NK Cell is one of the main cells functioning in the innate immune system. Their main roles are to recognize and attack cells which are harmful and abnormal in our body.

As a Prevention for Infectious Diseases and Cancer

Decrease in NK cell activity is associated with viral infection and cancer. Therefore, increasing NK cell activity can help prevent infectious diseases and cancers by activating the adaptive immune responses of immune cells such as dendritic cells (DC) and T cells.

An Efficient Catalyst for Other Immune Cells

NK cells are simpler and react faster as compared to other immune cells.
They also activate and amplify the responses of other immune cells through cytokine secretion.

Applications of
NK Cell Therapy

Cancer, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases,
anti-aging, preventive medicine.

Benefits of NK Cell Therapy in Cancer Treatments

Increases the survival rate

for patients receiving conventional treatments

Strengthens the immune system

so that patients can withstand conventional treatments for a longer period of time

Eases the pain

for cancer patients and improve the quality of life when combined
with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy

Rejuvenates and prevents aging

for better vitality in daily lives

NK Cell Therapy Procedures