Advanced & customized NK cell therapy

Safe and effective as certified and verified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Japan with strict regulations.

There is no gene editing or modification throughout the cultivation and activation of NK cell processing.

The Uniqueness of MYJ1633

Highly activated NK cells secrete functional molecules to prevent infectious diseases and cancers.
Increases number of NK and NKT cells by over 500 to 2000 times.
Optimum cytotoxicity for killing up to 90% of abnormal cells.
Best mixture of NK, NKT, and T cells.
No side effects such as immune rejection reaction.
Not harmful to the patient’s healthy cells.

The Process

The Power of MYJ1633 Cultivation Method

High cell number with short cultivation time (10-14 days)

Before cultivation

Number of immune cells before culture 5.68 x 10⁶

4 days later

7 days later

14 days later

Number of immune cells after culture 2.88 x 10⁹


Experimental scheme and total cell number of MYJ1633 following ex vivo expansion.

Total cell number increased by more than 140-200 fold
Numbers of NK & NKT cells increased by more than 500-2000 fold

Clearance of Cancer Cells with
Highly Activated NK Cells

Before Activation

Our body naturally contains NK cells that are capable of killing cancer cells. However, the strength and the small number of these NK cells in our body are not able to eliminate all cancer cells.

After Activation

NK Cell Therapy increases the number of cells by 500 – 2000 times, maximizing our body’s ability to detect and kill cancer cells effectively.

Clinical Results with High Cytotoxicity

The in-vitro cytotoxicity after the activation of NK cells reaches a value of at least 62.5% and peaks at 90.3% with our patented technology.

High cytotoxicity directly improves the immune cells’ ability to kill abnormal or cancer cells.

Results with High
Expression of
Activating Receptor

The ex vivo activated NK and NKT cells
(MYJ1633) expressing high number of
activating receptors.

Clinical Results